Ceramic Composites CARBOCELL™

CARBOCEL.product.L.jpg CARBOCELL™ is high quality graphite material which is manufactured by covering carbon particles with SiC cell. It is extremely fine, and its mechanical & thermal features are more superior, comparing to conventional graphite material.

CARBOCELL™ Cross-sectional image

CARBOCEL.e.jpgSiC cell & carbon particles

Specifications of CARBOCELL™ compared to Graphite

Grade Bulk Density
Flexural Strength
(room temperature)
Flexural Strength
(high temperature)
fracture toughness
Young's Modulus
Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion
Coefficient of
Thermal Conductivity
Electrical Resistivity
CARBOCELL™ 2.51 177 225 3 79 55 3.6 200 9
IG-11 1.77 39 51 1 10 51 4.5 120 11
The figures above are typical values, and are not guaranteed.

*1)Data at 1450°C


  • High strength
  • Low CTE
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High workability. Enable to machine various shape

CARBOCELL™ was developed by the Toyo Tanso "Advanced Carbon Design" Joint Research Chair at the Joining and Welding Research Institute of Osaka University.
Please note that as CARBOCELL™ is under development product, supply is limited.