Porous Carbon (CNovel™)

cnovel.img.s.jpgCNovel™ has a special, high-mesoporous structure that is unlike that of typical carbon materials like activated carbon. It is a new carbon material that was hitherto considered almost impossible to obtain via mass production.

Characteristic structure CNovel™ features a structure that is unlike that of conventional porous materials. It is a new carbon material that was hitherto considered almost impossible to obtain via mass production. Its structure consists of a large number of mesopores (pores with a diameter of between 2 and 150 nm), the sizes of which are controlled using proprietary technology, and is also notable for its characteristic "interconnected pores" formed by mesopores joined together. This characteristic structure contributes to new and improved functionality unlike that provided by existing materials.

Customizable pore diameter Carbon powders with pore sizes of between 2 and 150 nm can be made to order using our proprietary pore control technology. Materials with a specific surface area of over 1,000 m2/g can also be made to order, and it is also possible to change specific surface area and provide different combinations of pore sizes. By preparing materials that match your requirements, we provide porous carbons with the functionality and characteristics required in a variety of applications. button.b.e.jpg cnovel

Attractive propaties

1. CNovel is fine porous carbon powders, and the development to various uses is possible. 2. Notable response performance of adsorption/desorption and electron/ion mobility to have a its characteristic "interconnected pores" formed by mesopores joined together. 3. Enable large molecules separation and adsorption on designed mesopore size.


  • Dispersion properties utilizing interlinked pores- Excellent dispersion in material particles
  • Control of size and volume of pores-Required can be created in carbon powder
  • Excellent electrical conductivity-Adjustment of electrical conductivity due to changes in crystallinity of carbon material
  • Effective dispersibility in solvents, and control of dispersibility by changing chemical state of surface

Basic Grade and Features

Grade Features Applications
MH Large surface area, chemical stability and resistance.
This grade is applicable to various applications.
adsorbent, electrodes,
electrical conductor, gas separator
MJ(4)010 Low bulk density, good diffusivity. This grade serves the purpose of cost-saving and reducing process lead time. filler, ink, heat carrier,
gas separator,
shock resistance
MJ(4)030 It is porous carbon which had large mesopores.
It acts for adsorption and separation such as the particularly organic vapor or protein including the macromolecule.
Large molecule adsorbent,separator and concentrator.
Column filler for analysis
MJ(4)150 Large pores(macropores)than the mesopores.
This grade can be expected to adsorption and separation, such as a protein that could noe be adsoebed in the mesopores.
Large molecule adsorbent, separator and concentrator.

We can adjust the property values in range listed below.

BETsuface area(m2/g) Total pore volume(mL/g) Particle size(nm) Tapped density(g/mL)
Adjustable value 300~1800 ~3 3.5~150 0.08~0.2

1. CNovel powders are possible to control of mesopore size and pore volume 2. Adjustable surface functional group for chemical reaction change. 3. Controllable various powder parameters such as particle size and bulk density.

Physical Properties of Basic Grade

Grade BET Surface area(m2/g) Designed
mesopore size (nm)
Total pore volume
Micro pore volume (mL/g) Particle size Tapped density (g/mL)
MH 1500 5 1.7 0.5 100 mesh pass 0.15
MJ(4)010 1100 10 2.0 0.4 0.10
MJ(4)030 800 30 2.0 0.3 0.10
MJ(4)150 300 150 0.4 0.1 0.10

*The table above are typical values, and are not guaranteed.button.b.e.jpg