【Company Information】Announcement concerning introduction of high purity furnace in China


Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Toyo Tanso") announces that it has decided to implement facility investment for reinforcement of production capacity in Shanghai Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd (Shanghai, China) , consolidated subsidiary in China, in order to respond to the vigorous demand of purified graphite products used in the electronics field such as silicon wafer manufacturing process in China.

img.toyo.STT.jpg Shanghai Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd(Shanghai, China)

Background of Investment

Toyo Tanso is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of graphite products used as structural parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
With the progress of IoT, AI, 5G and data centers, the semiconductor market is expected to grow further, and the demand for high-purity graphite products in China is also expected to increase.
Toyo Tanso promotes group-wide "Enhancement and innovation of production technology" and "Reinforcement of overseas expansion efforts", which are the key issues in the medium-term management plan "TVC 2022" and establishes a solid position as a function graphite manufacturer by increasing market share in high value-added domains.

Outline of Investment

(1)Investment Place: Shanghai Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd(Shanghai, China)
(2)Investment Contents: Investment Contents : Expansion of high purity processing furnace, construction of new building
(3)Investment Amount: approximately JPY 850 million
(4)Operation Time: April in 2020