【Products Info.】Mechanical Carbon, comply with FDA standards


Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Toyo Tanso") is pleased to inform you that the main material of carbon materials for machinery has been approved to comply with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) safety standards.

Materials used in food manufacturing facilities and equipment in the United States are required to comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) food safety standards. Under the guidance of a professional consultant, Toyo Tanso collected and analyzed various data on the main materials of mechanical carbon, submitted it to the FDA, and proved it complies with safety standards.
In response to this, our machinery carbon products (sliding parts such as bearings, seal rings, packings, and vanes) can be used as materials for food production facilities and equipment applications in the US and the Nordic region where there is no third-party Certification Authority.
Applied products : Carbon graphite sliding parts, Resin impregnated carbon graphite sliding parts

2.About Mechanical Carbon (Carbon products for Mechanical applications)
The self-lubricating properties and heat and chemical resistance of carbon materials are being used in many fields, in which typical metal sliding materials cannot be used due to their inability to cope well with high temperature atmospheres, immersion in fluids, or exposure to lubricants. 09-03s.jpg

Application Examples

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