【Products Info.】Notice of the expansion of production capacity for high-performance graphite products for SiC power semiconductors.


 TOYO TANSO CO., LTD. (Chairman, President and CEO: Naotaka Kondo, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") announces that it has decided to make a capital investment to increase production capacity in order to meet the growing global demand for SiC (silicon carbide) and TaC (tantalum carbide) coated graphite products.

【Investment background and overview】
 SiC power semiconductors are expected to be in high demand over the medium to long term, and demand for SiC and TaC-coated graphite products used in the epitaxial process of SiC wafer production continues to rise. Therefore, the Company has decided to invest approximately JPY 5.5billion to increase manufacturing capacity for both products. For TaC-coated graphite products, we have already decided to increase production capacity in April 2023, and have decided to make an additional investment to further increase supply capacity in response to further rising demand. These capital investments will increase SiC coating throughput by approximately three times (compared to 2023) and TaC coating throughput by six times (compared to 2023). We will continue to achieve steady growth by strengthening our production and sales systems to meet customer needs and market trends.

【Investment details】

    (1)Investment details         Production facilities for SiC and TaC coated graphite products.
    (2)Amount of investment  Approx. 5.5 billion yen
    (3)Augmenting capacity      SiC-coated graphite products Approx. 3 times (compared to FY2023)                    TaC-coated graphite products Approx. 6 times (compared to FY2023)
    (4)Date of operation          Toyo Tanso Technology Centre (Kanonji City, Kagawa)

 Details of the decision taken in April 2023 to increase the production of TaC-coated graphite products

    (1)Investment details           Production facilities for TaC-coated graphite products
    (2)Augmenting capacity        Approx. 2 times (compared to 2023)
    (3)Date of operation             2025
    (4)Location                          Toyo Tanso Technology Centre (Kanonji City, Kagawa)

【Contact details for this matter】
Market Strategy Dept.
Corporate Planning Division 
〒530-0001 OSAKA UMEDA TWIN TOWERS SOUTH,16th Fl. 1-13-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka