【Products Info.】Notice Concerning the Order for Graphite Products for High-Temperature Micro-Nuclear Reactor


   TOYO TANSO CO., LTD. (Head Office: Osaka, Chairman, President and CEO: Naotaka Kondo, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") that it has received an order from Jimmy Energy SAS (Head Office: France, CEO Antoine Guyot, hereinafter "Jimmy") for graphite products for use in high-temperature micro-nuclear reactor (hereinafter "HTR").

IMG_5755 (4).jpg                                                                        Contract signing ceremony
                                                   (Left)Antoine Guyot, CEO, Jimmy (Right)Kondo 

1. Order background
  The Company have accumulated data and know-how on graphite materials for nuclear power applications through many years of joint research with public institutions about high-temperature gas-cooled reactors*1, the next generation of nuclear power generation, and had delivery graphite components*2 for test reactors and demonstration reactor in Japan and China.
   The isotropic graphite material IG-110, which Jimmy has decided to adopt, is also used in these test and demonstration reactors. IG-110 is highly reliable with excellent thermal and mechanical properties and neutron irradiation resistance.

 In recognition of these achievements and the high reliability of graphite materials, the Company's graphite materials have been selected as core materials for HTR at Jimmy. After processing at the Company, dozens tons of graphite products will be delivered to Jimmy. This order is included in the medium-term business plan (2024-2028) of the Company announced in February 2024.
  Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality and strengthen industrial competitiveness in France, Jimmy has developed and manufactured the thermal generator module equipped with HTR to provide low-cost heat with less CO2 emissions than those using fossil fuels. And Jimmy plans to build a module manufacturing plant in Le Creuzot, France, with the aim of operating its first of a kind by 2026.
  This thermal generator module can be directly connected to existing industrial facilities and reduces CO2 emissions, so it is expected to replace heat source from the gas burners widely used in industry. The French government has decided to provide a subsidy of 32 million euros for the Jimmy's plan.

*1 High-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTR)
Compared to light water reactors, which are currently the mainstream nuclear reactor, HTR is safer, and is more economical with higher thermal efficiency, so HTR is attracting increasing attention as fourth-generation nuclear reactors that can contribute to carbon neutrality. In addition, since it is capable of supplying high-temperature heat, it is expected to be used for hydrogen production, etc., and studies are underway around the world to put it into practical use as an SMR (Small Modular Reactors) that will play a role in the next generation of energy supply.

*2 Delivery records
・Japan Atomic Energy Agency Test Reactor (HTTR)
・Tsinghua University (China) Test Reactor (HTR-10)
・Huaneng Shandong Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (China) Demonstration Reactor (HTR-PM)

2. Order details
(1)Order details: Complete set of Graphite Products for High-Temperature Micro-Nuclear Reactor
(2)Shipping date: First half of 2026
(3)Sales recording period: 2026

3.Jimmy Energy SAS Overview
(1)Established 2020
(2)Capital 52,220 euros
(3)Representative Antoine Guyot, CEO
(4)Address 83, rue du Président Wilson - F-92300 Levallois-Perret, France


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