【Company Information】Announcement concerning reinforcement of production facilities for SiC coated carbon graphite products


Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Toyo Tanso") announces that it has decided to implement facility investment for reinforcement of production capacity in Toyo Tanso Technology Center (Kanonji, Kagawa Prefecture) in order to respond to the vigorous demand of SiC coated carbon graphite products including susceptors used in the electronics field such as silicon wafer manufacturing process and LED manufacturing process.

img.toyotanso.technology.center1807.jpg Toyo Tanso Technology Center (Kanonji, Kagawa Prefecture)

img.MOCVDsusceptor1807.jpg SiC Coating graphite product

Background of Investment

In high function materials business, Toyo Tanso is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of SiC coated carbon graphite products essential for the development of electronics, such as Si semiconductor, SiC semiconductor, structural parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment for LED field.
In recent years, demand for SiC coated carbon graphite products has increased with the utilization of sensors or the introduction of big data in accordance with IoT conversion, and the spread of automotive electronic systems. Among them, LEDs for lighting are being adopted for family use and automotive applications as it has excellent properties in heat dissipation and low electric power consumption by conducting large amount lighting due to technology development, and an annual growth rate is expected to be 25% in the whole LED field (according to Toyo Tanso's investigation).
Under such circumstances, as part of our global growth strategy, Toyo Tanso will implement facility investment of approximately JPY 2.5 billion in Toyo Tanso Technology Center to respond the vigorous demands of high function materials at present and to look ahead to the future demand for the whole semiconductor market.

In this facility investment, although SiC manufacturing plant is newly constructed, it is not limited to mere production increase, but Toyo Tanso will increase its total production capacity of SiC coated carbon graphite to about 1.5 times in FY 2020 (to 3 to 4 times for LED applications compared with FY 2017) by trying to improve quality and productivity such as positive implementation of automated equipment to cope with the future requirements.

In the future, Toyo Tanso is aiming to expand the high function materials business including SiC coated carbon graphite and to contribute the electronics field by conducting the growth strategies such as reinforcement of production capacity and strengthening of sales structure according to customer's needs.

Outline of Investment

(1)Investment Place: Toyo Tanso Technology Center (Kanonji, Kagawa Prefecture)
(2)Investment Contents: Construction of new building and Reinforcement of equipment such as processing machine, coating furnace and inspection machine
(3)Investment Amount: approximately JPY 2.5 billion
(4)Operation Time: 1st half of FY 2020

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