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Special Graphite

Special Graphite
Keeping abreast of times, business markets demanded a finer grade carbon of more stable properties. Ahead of the rest of the industry, Toyo Tanso developed an “isotropic graphite” which is pressed by Cold Isostatic Press, having superfine isotropic microstructure. We have established world level technology that enables this isotropic graphite to fully exhibit its superior properties in the fields of nuclear power which requires high reliability, electrical discharge processing where accuracy is everything, and semiconductors which supports today’s hi-tech wave.


Feature of Special Graphite Products

The demand from industry over the years has been for carbon with increasingly tighter and stable properties. In this context, Toyo Tanso was the pioneer in our industry in developing “isotropic graphite”. This is a graphite material with micro particles and an isotropic structure and properties which created through the cold isostatic pressing(CIP) of micro particles. Our isotropic graphite products are used across a wide field of industries. These include: the semi-conductor industry, where innovation is rapidly advancing; the environmentally friendly renewable energy industry; the mold industry, where accuracy is such a priority; and the atomic power industry, where high reliability is essential. Our excellence is recognized by our customers, with whom we grow together. The synergistic effect between our exclusive high purity technology and various coating technologies will ensure that in the future too, we use our position as a leading company to continue to unlock the unlimited potential of carbon.
Isotropic Graphite
Conventional graphite was anisotropic, which limited its use in many applications. However, Isotropic graphite in the same cross section direction has no difference in its properties, making a material that is easy to design and use.
High Reliability
Isotropic graphite is stronger than conventional graphite due to its micro particle structure. This produces a highly reliable material with a small characteristic variation.
Ultra Heat Resistance
In an inert atmosphere, stable use is possible even in extremely high temperatures of 2,000℃ or more.
The material has low thermal expansion and a high coefficient of thermal conductivity, giving its excellent thermal shock resistance and heat distribution properties, with low thermal deformation.
It also has a special characteristic whereby its strength increases as the atmospheric temperature gets higher up until 2500℃.
Excellent Electrical Conductivity
The high and excellent heat resistance mean graphite is the optimum material for applications such as high temperature heaters.
Excellent Chemical Resistance
With the exception of some strong oxidizers, it is chemically stable. Carbon can be used stably even in environments that cause some metals to corrode.
Lightweight and Easy to Machine
The bulk density is low as compared with metallic materials-enabling a lightweight design. In addition, it has excellent mechanical machining properties-facilitating accurate shaping processes.
Isotropic High Density Graphite
Feature of Special Graphite Products
Anisotropic Graphite
Feature of Special Graphite Products
Feature of Special Graphite Products

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Toyo Tanso's special graphite products are highly regarded for their excellent performance and reliability and are used across a wide range of fields that are essential in our everyday lives.
In the environmental and energy industry, our products are used for solar cell manufacturing, atomic power and aerospace applications.
In the electronics industry, we provide materials for various manufacturing process such as polycrystalline silicon and single crystal silicon, white LEDs, and high-frequency device.
Basic applications of our products include industrial furnaces, continuous casting dies such as those for copper alloys, optical fibers, and EDM electrodes for mold manufacture.

Environmental and Energy

  • Solar Cell and Wafer Manufacturing
  • Atomic Power: High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor, Nuclear Fusion
  • Fluorine Electrolysis
  • Nuclear Fusion
  • Fuel Cells
  • Aerospace
Side heater
Nuclear Fusion Reactor Plasma First Wall
Electrode for fluorine gas generation
Core component for High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor


  • Continuous Casting
  • Hot Press
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Vacuum Evaporation Crucibles
  • Gas Analysis Crucibles
  • Optical Fiber Manufacturing
    Muffle Tube/li>
  • EDM Electrodes
Continuous Casting Dies
EDM Electrodes for speaker
EDM Electrodes for car
Vacuum Evaporation Crucibles
Hot Press Mold (Cut Model)


  • Silicon Semi-conductor Manufacturing Application
    Polycrystalline silicon manufacture
    Single crystal silicon manufacturing equipment
    Susceptors for epitaxial Growth
    Plasma CVD electrodes
    Ion implantation
    Hermetic sealing jigs
  • Compound Semi-conductor Manufacturing Applications
    Crystal Manufacturing Equipment Parts
    MOCVD Susceptors
  • LCD Panel Manufacturing Applications
    Heater Panels
    Electrode for plasma Etching
  • Hard Disk Manufacturing Applications
    Sputtering Targets
MOCVD Susceptor
Pancake susceptor
Sealing Jigs
Single crystal silicon manufacturing equipment
SiC Single Crystal manufacturing equipment

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