News Release

Price Revision for Carbon-related Products

Toyo Tanso have decided to revise the selling prices of our carbon-related products as follows.

1. Scope
Specialty graphite products, mechanical and electrical carbon products, C/C composite products, and all other carbon-related products.

2. Implementation period
From the delivery in January 2023.

3. Revision range 
Price increase of 10% to 20% over the current selling price.

4. Background
Toyo Tanso have been making efforts to reduce costs through aggressive equipment investment, productivity improvement, and expense reduction in order to meet our customers' needs.
However, because of the recent rising of fuel and raw material costs, manufacturing costs of our products and material prices, including equipment-related costs, have risen significantly. We have found it difficult to absorb these increases through corporate efforts alone, and we are therefore asking for your understanding in this price revision.
We would appreciate your understanding in this matter.


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