Editorial Policy

The Toyo Tanso Group discloses its sustainability information in reference to the GRI Standards. (GRI Standards Comparison Table is now in preparation.)  We disclose information in consideration of communication with our stakeholders and its importance for the Toyo Tanso Group.

Period covered

The disclosed information is mainly from FY2022 (Jan.1,2022 to Dec.31,2022). It also includes information on some efforts that we started before this period and the report on our most recent activities.


Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies. If the scope of any information is limited, it is expressly stated in the applicable section.

Accuracy of information

In order to ensure the accuracy of the information to be disclosed, we confirm it with multiple departments, such as the department in charge of that information and the public relations department before disclosing it. Some performance data are verified by third parties to ensure their accuracy.


This website contains statements regarding the Group's current plans and forward-looking statements, in addition to historical and present facts. These statements are based on our reasonable judgments in light of the information currently available to us. Please be aware that the future business environment could cause actual results to differ materially from these statements.

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