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Disclosure Policy and Disclaimer

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Disclosure policy

1. Basic policy

Toyo Tanso aims to achieve sustainable growth and improve the medium- and long-term corporate value through constructive dialogue with our stakeholders. To this end, we will disclose information valuing transparency, fairness, timeliness, and consistency by quickly and fairly disclosing performance results, financial and management strategies, as well as information which we consider useful in ensuring a better understanding of the Company.

2. Standards for information disclosure

The Company discloses information in accordance with the Companies Act, related rules and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the stock exchange where the Company is listed. The Company also proactively makes available information that does not fall within the scope of the related laws and regulations and rules for timely disclosure but which the Company considers useful in ensuring a better understanding of the Company in light of fairness and timeliness.
In disclosing information, the IR Manager shall, assuming duties as the general manager, make decisions on disclosure upon consultation with the related department(s) on the necessity for disclosure pursuant to the related rules and regulations, the timely disclosure rules, and internal regulations.

3. Method of information disclosure

The Company discloses information that falls within the scope of the related laws and regulations and the timely disclosure rules through EDINET provided by the Financial Services Agency or the Timely Disclosure Network System (TDnet) provided by the stock exchange. Further, the Company posts this information on its website. It also discloses information which it considers useful in ensuring a better understanding of the Company on its website in light of fairness and timeliness.

4. Future outlook

Information disclosed by the Company may include forward-looking statements. Such information is forecasts prepared by the management of the Company based on information available at the time of disclosure, and contains risks and uncertain elements related to various factors such as economic conditions and market trends. Therefore, actual results may differ from the forecasts.

5. Silent period

To prevent the leakage of financial results (including quarterly results) information and ensure fairness, the Company sets a silent period from the day following the end of a fiscal period until the day the results are announced. During the silent period, the Company refrains from responding to or making comments on questions related to its financial results. However, if any fact which needs to be disclosed pursuant to the timely disclosure rules occurs during the silent period, the Company will promptly disclose information.

6. Performance forecasts, etc. by third parties

The Company makes no comment on any opinion, recommendation, or performance forecast made about the Company by third parties.

7. Prevention of insider trading and fair information disclosure

To prevent insider trading and ensure fair information disclosure, we properly manage internal information, etc. such as undisclosed material facts in accordance with internal rules. We also promptly post information that falls within the scope of the timely disclosure rules or important corporate information which the Company considers would affect investors in making investment decisions on our website after such information is disclosed on the stock exchange's website.

(Revised May 2019)


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