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Why Toyo Tanso?

Why Toyo Tanso?

To be always the top consumers’ choice Cutting-edge facility and technology to create high-quality Toyo Tanso Brand Quality Assurance and Production Bases

We base our business on our belief that “the customer and quality come first”. Customer opinions are given our highest priority. Every Toyo Tanso’s plant is provided with the optimum equipment and technology, and has independent production lines. We have created a system where improvements and additions are quickly performed for any problems arising in the production process.

Stringent quality control systems in each process

Stringent quality control systems in each process

24-hour centralized control system

In the graphite manufacturing process, our state-of-the-art plant runs 24 hours-a-day with minimal need for operator intervention. We operate strict quality inspections and centralized computer control in each process. In processing operations, operators of course check their own work. However in addition, engineering staff use the latest measuring instruments to perform stringent checks. In this way the accuracy of the finish is strictly controlled. We make sure the very best equipment for checking quality and accuracy is used in each process.

Production bases fully equipped
with the quality assurance system

Production bases fully equipped <br>with the quality assurance system 1

24-hour centralized control system

Production bases fully equipped <br>with the quality assurance system 2

All domestic plants acquired ISO9001 certification

We have performed exhaustive TQC activities, leading to many favorable results and confidence in the quality of our products.
In 1996 the Takuma Division acquired ISO9002 certification, and in 1998 TOTANKAKO CO.,LTD. acquired ISO9001 certification. The Takuma Division, Toyo Tanso Technology Center (Former Ohnohara Engineering and Development Center), and Iwaki Plant all acquired ISO9001 certification in October 2003, continuously, the Hagiwara Plant in May 2004, Owada Carbon Industrial Co., Ltd in January 2006.
The excellence of the quality assurance system used by Toyo Tanso was recognized with the awarding of these international standards.
Toyo Tanso Technology Center
Toyo Tanso Technology Center
The Toyo Tanso Technology Center has state-of-the-art equipment for measuring and analyzing the physical and chemical properties of carbon. The center has a full range of equipment such as measuring physical properties or so.

Start of plant operations : March 1974
Site area: 37,046㎡
Takuma Division
Takuma Division
The Takuma Division has equipment for producing ultrapure materials. The production line is divided into two processes. The first is the raw material production line for isotropic graphite. We ensure the stable supply of the best quality graphite from state-of-the-art plants with a high level of computerization. The second process is the machining line where the isotropic graphite received from the raw material production line is finished into the final product.

Start of plant operations : December 1985
Site area: 194,024㎡
Hagiwara Plant
Hagiwara Plant
A production base for the manufacture of mechanical application carbon, from production to machining and development. It also independently develops new products and designs production equipment at the pilot plant. It mainly produces piston rings, bearings, vanes, sliders for pantographs in electric train systems, and crucibles used for analysis and aluminum evaporation.

Start of plant operations : August 1981
Site area: 23,620㎡
Iwaki Plant
Iwaki Plant
The Iwaki processing plant concentrates mainly on graphite products for metallurgical industries and electrodes for electrical discharge machining. It was established to ensure the speedy supply of processed products to users in eastern Japan.

Start of plant operations : April1999
Site area: 12,896㎡
A production base that manufactures carbon brushes for electrical applications. It has a unified system, from the development and evaluation of raw materials to the processing stage. It is highly rated as a specialized plant that is always striving for the best cost performance.

Start of plant operations : February 1985
Site area: 17,722㎡
A production base in the Kansai region with a machining line concentrating on isotropic graphite products, from single items to mass production. There is also a production line for C/C composite products (carbon products with reinforced carbon fiber).

Start of plant operations : December 1940
Site area: 6,984㎡