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Mechanical Carbon

Mechanical Carbon
Taking advantage of the self-lubrication and chemical and heat resistance features of carbon, mechanical carbon is used for sliding parts in high temperature environments where metals cannot be used as well as for submersion in chemicals and in fields where lubricated parts cannot be used. Already, our KC, TUG and IG Series are widely used and highly evaluated in a broad range of industries. Our copper-impregnated carbon materials for a pantograph slider are extending the life of wiring.


Carbon sliding materials have excellent self-lubricating properties, heat resistance and chemical resistance. This means they can be used in high-temperature atmospheres where ordinary metal sliding materials cannot, and in fields where fluids and lubricants are inappropriate. Toyo Tanso’s IG, KC and TUG product series bring together the technical and development capabilities in the fields of sliding materials that have been cultivated over many years, to meet the various demands of our customers.
Excellent Self-Lubrication
Carbon has self-lubricating properties due to its layered crystal structure, making it appropriate for use in high temperature atmospheres and in applications where fluids and lubricants are avoided. In particular, its coefficient of friction in an unlubricated condition is low compared with other materials, making adhesion difficult to occur.
Excellent Thermal Durability
There are virtually no changes in the mechanical strength and slide properties due to heat.
Excellent Chemical Resistance
With the exception of inorganic chemicals (strong oxidizers), carbon has excellent chemical resistance.
Thermal Shock Resistance
The coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than metal materials, and it has good thermal conductivity. This means that the material hardly ever cracks, even during rapid temperature changes.
Supports Lightweight Designs
The bulk density is low compared to metal materials, which support lightweight machinery designs and a reduction in friction noise.
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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process



Deep well underwater motor pumps
Pumps for oil refining and petrochemical processes
Pumps for power station processes
Pumps for general industries
Chemical pumps
Marine pumps
Flowmeter pumps
Bearings 1
Household hot water circulation pumps
Vending machine circulation pumps
Plywood dryer
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Seal rings

Pumps for oil refining and petrochemical processes
Pumps for power station processes
Pumps for general industries
Chemical pumps
Seal rings 1
Marine pumps
Automobile water pumps
Household hot water circulation pumps
Refrigerator compressors
Seal rings 2


Reciprocal compressors
Screw compressors
Steam turbines
hydroelectric power generators
Packing 1


Various vacuum pumps
Air blowers
Flow meters
Oscillating compressors
Jet heaters
Vanes 1

Joint Seals

Papermaking dryers
Drum dryers
Mixing mills
Joint Seals 1

Valve Seats

Ball valves
Valve Seats 1

Pantograph Sliders

JR regular lines
Japanese private railways
Pantograph Sliders 1

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