Sustainability policy

At the Toyo Tanso Group, all employees shall carry out their duties with independence and a sense of responsibility based on the governance policy established by the Board of Directors. They shall strive to provide the value that is expected by all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, local communities, shareholders and investors, and employees). So that we can be a company that continually contributes to improving sustainability (sustainable societal growth and preservation of the global environment), our policy is to achieve continual advancements through our business activities while increasing the sustainability of corporate growth.

Based on this policy, we will conduct all business activities throughout our value chain with a basic approach that is strongly focused on contributing to society while achieving continued growth. This includes technological innovations and creation of value for society and customers through our products, as well as consideration for the global environment, ensuring safety and health, compliance and risk management, fair business practices, respect for human rights and diversity, and harmony with society through social contribution activities.

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