BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Initiatives

The Toyo Tanso Group has established a system to deal with major disasters, and is promoting initiatives to minimize the impact of disasters when they occur and to return business activities to normal as soon as possible.

BCP Basic Policy
  • 1.Fulfill our supply and social responsibilities by continuing supply through continuous development and review of our global BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and early restoration of business.
  • 2.In the event of a large-scale disaster or emergency, we give top priority to securing human lives and strive to prevent the spread of disasters to surrounding areas to ensure the safety and security of the local community.
  • 3.Important risks that should be prioritized and could have a significant impact on company management will be identified, deliberated on, analyzed, and have countermeasures prepared for them.
  • 4.We will enhance that education and training in order to instill employee risk awareness and improve risk sensitivity.
BCP Basic Polic

Establish a global BCP

In November 2011, the Toyo Tanso Group formulated its BCP rules to ensure the early resumption of operations and fulfillment of its social responsibilities as a corporation in the event of a major disaster. However, in light of the greater variety of risks, such as large-scale flooding and infectious diseases, that we have faced in recent years, we are developing a BCP for all hazards that does not specify the type of crisis events that impede business continuity, but rather introduces measures for management resources that have been damaged as a result of the event, thereby making it possible to respond to all types of events.

The following regulations and guidelines were established in 2023.

  • All-hazard BCP rules
  • Global BCP guidelines
  • Key domestic factory BCP and initial response plan
  • China locations BCP and initial response plan
  • Domestic subsidiary BCP

Safeguard human life and prevent the spread of disasters to surrounding areas

Toyo Tanso conducts regular lifesaving courses at each of its business sites with the goal of saving lives in the event of an emergency.
All domestic locations are equipped with a three-day stockpile of water, food, toilets, and other disaster supplies for all employees and nearby areas. We have a framework in place for distributing supplies, such as stockpiles of emergency supplies stored at each business location, to affected areas during disasters. For example, when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in March 2011, supplies were sent to the Iwaki Plant and made available to nearby residents.
Also, in 2022 we reached an agreement with Iwaki City to make the Iwaki Plant parking lot available as a temporary evacuation site for local residents in the event of a disaster.
We contribute to local disaster prevention by promoting membership in local volunteer fire departments.

Review, analyze, and take action against serious risks

The Toyo Tanso Group has established the Risk & Compliance Committee to identify and centrally manage critical risk items that may significantly impact business activities, and to review, analyze, and take action against the risks so identified from a company-wide perspective.

Instill risk awareness and heighten risk sensitivity

At Toyo Tanso, we regularly conduct disaster response training and fire drills at each of our business sites to promote employees' risk awareness and risk sensitivity toward disaster prevention.
Since 2014, we have introduced regular drills using a safety confirmation system to continuously promote the instillment of risk awareness.

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