Information Security

Information Security Management System

 The Toyo Tanso Group regards clients' confidential information, customers' personal information, and internal technical information as important assets, and implements appropriate measures to protect them through its information security system developed according to the Information Security Basic Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Basic Policy").
 The Basic Policy specifies what to observe in order to utilize the company's important assets. Toyo Tanso has set the Basic Policy, information security management rules, and other internal standards, to have an information security system in place that is compliant with both these standards and the relevant laws and regulations. Toyo Tanso reviews the system and enhances the measures according to technological advancement and changing information security risks.

Daily education and audits

 Toyo Tanso strengthens information security across the group on a continuous basis by providing its employees with information security and technology education and training, as well as by performing internal information security audits on a regular basis.

Cyber security enhancement

 The Toyo Tanso Group recognizes the increased risk of cyberattacks against companies as an important management issue and has been working to enhance its systems. In 2021, in order to increase cyber security, an information security assessment was carried out across the group. Toyo Tanso is currently developing a framework to respond to information security incidents immediately, while improving website security and network monitoring.

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