Compliance Activities

The Toyo Tanso Group understands that compliance activities are not simply about complying with the law, and are activities to meet the demands of society including social norms and ethical norms. Through compliance activities, we promote changes in behavior by each individual employee, and the base of these activities is to elevate compliance awareness so it becomes part of the corporate culture.
The Toyo Tanso Group has prepared a compliance guidebook for producing compliance awareness, and is conducting a wide range of programs including daily training and educational activities to expand and deepen awareness so that employees instinctively apply the principles to their actions.
The company's risk & compliance committee conducts quarterly investigations and continual monitoring related to risks of compliance violations at our company and related companies.

  • 9: Industry, innovation, infrastructure
  • 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Compliance Activities


  • Sustainable development of human society and the global environment
  • Contribution to SDGs


  • Sustainable growth of the company and improvement of corporate value over the medium to long term
  • Corporate governance framework that supports the promotion of sustainability management
  • Mechanism for making transparent, fair, swift, and decisive decisions

Internal Control

System to ensure that the execution of duties by directors complies with laws and regulations and the Articles of Incorporation


  • 1.Strengthening the compliance system
  • 2.Implementation of global compliance
  • 3.Promotion of fair competition
  • 4.Operation of whistleblowing system
  • 5.Implementation of export control

[Numbers of severe compliance violations] *FY 2023 consolidated base

  • ・Environment-related violations (0)
  • ・Fair trading-related violations (0)
  • ・Safety, health, and labor-related violations (0)
  • ・Other legal violations related to licensing or regulatory laws (0)

Training and educational activities

The Toyo Tanso Group conducts training and educational activities based on the compliance guidebook in order to produce compliance awareness. We have established October of each year as Compliance Reinforcement Month, and conduct activities such as compliance guidebook readings and group discussions that identify matters related to compliance. In addition, we conduct training and educational activities for each level and each field as shown below.

Training and educational activities

The compliance guidebook was issued in 2011 so that all Toyo Tanso Group employees can be properly aware of the focus on compliance as they work.
At present it has been translated into ten languages, and is also distributed to employees of affiliated companies. It is being used to improve compliance awareness among employees.
The contents are as shown below. Please see the PDF version for details.

Preventing corruption (bribery)

As countries around the world reinforce their efforts at preventing corruption, the Toyo Tanso Group has positioned contributing to society through honest and fair business activities as one of its management policies, and also as part of the associated Standards of Conduct (5.Relationships with suppliers and competitors) and the compliance guidebook (13.Prohibition of bribery, and 14.Prohibition of collusion with business partners). We are working to prevent corruption and improve awareness related to bribery.

Observance of antimonopoly laws and subcontracting laws

As the Toyo Tanso Group operates a global business, compliance with laws governing competition is understood to be an important area for compliance action. In order to ensure strict compliance with laws related to competition, in addition to improving awareness through the compliance guidebook (11.Fair and Free Competition), we have also formulated the "Competition Law Compliance Rules" and are conducting our business in accordance with laws governing competition.

Security Export Control Rules

In order to maintain international peace and safety, from the perspectives of preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and the excessive accumulation of ordinary weapons, our fundamental policy is to never illegally engage in the export or provision of goods or technologies which are restricted under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other export-related laws. We have also created Security Export Control Rules in order to appropriately carry out security export control. So that all employees understand the intent of these rules and can utilize them in their actions, we are conducting complete communication through training and other activities. In addition, we are taking action aimed at ensuring correct business transactions.

Tax policy

As prescribed in the policy below, Toyo Tanso and the Toyo Tanso Group have established business activities which are in compliance with laws as the fundamental basis of our business. We will endeavor to contribute to society through the payment of appropriate taxes, and to maximize corporate value by optimizing taxation costs.

  • (1) Legal compliance
    We shall endeavor to improve taxation compliance as prescribed in OECD guidelines and in compliance with the laws of each country where we conduct our business activities.
  • (2) Minimizing taxation risks
    We shall always conduct sufficient studies regarding taxation problems, and when necessary we shall inquire in advance to the tax authorities, and obtain advice and guidance from tax experts, in order to reduce taxation risks.
  • (3) Optimizing taxation costs
    When optimizing taxation costs, we shall never engage in any acts of tax avoidance that are not consistent with actual conditions such as making use of special tax measures that are available.
  • (4) Relationship with tax authorities
    In communication with tax authorities, we shall endeavor to construct good relationships by providing the necessary information as appropriate at the appropriate times, and immediately introducing improvements in response to any indicated issues.
Internal reporting system

The Toyo Tanso Group has established an internal reporting office (common name: "Help Line") as a contact for consultations and reporting regarding compliance violations and acts involving ethical problems. The office, which is centered on the legal affairs department, works to construct and operate internal reporting systems throughout the group.?
So that it can receive consultations covering a wide range, a reporting office is established at each group company, and multiple means of reporting including email and written documents are available. Anonymous reporting is also permitted.?
The received reports are handled carefully as confidential information, and are only shared within the range necessary in order to investigate the facts and take the necessary action. Feedback of the investigation results is also provided to the reporting person.
Identifying or searching for the reporting person is prohibited when responding to reported information, and protective measures are established so that persons who engaged in internal reporting are not subjected to punishment or disadvantageous treatment for having done so.

Internal reporting system

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