Carbon Brush

Carbon Brush

Toyo Tanso can propose the ideal carbon brush material to match usage conditions.

Carbon Brush

Carbon brushes are classified into those used for small universal motors in home electronics, automobiles, and other products, and those used in medium- and large-sized DC machines in general industry, railroad cars, and other applications.

Carbon brushes for small motors are widely used in a variety of products including vacuum cleaners, power tools, front-loading washing machines, and fuel injection systems for automobiles. Carbon brushes for medium- and large-sized motors are used in large DC machines for manufacturing facilities, current-collecting brushes and ground contacts for wind power generation, and other applications.

At Toyo Tanso, we are maintaining and enhancing our overseas production system and sales network to build a global supply system. In addition, we develop and design carbon brushes, starting with the materials, to meet needs such as extended motor life, energy savings, cordless designs, and smaller brush sizes.

Contact us and let us propose the optimal brush to meet your usage requirements.


Toyo Tanso carbon brushes are manufactured by sintering carbon and metal powders, and hardening them with pitch and resin.
Different materials produce different characteristics in terms of electrical conductivity, thermal durability, chemical resistance, and sliding properties. We can also produce surface plating to control resistivity, embed the safety pins commonly used in power tool applications, and manufacture resin holders for brushes.

Below, we recommend the optimum carbon materials for commutator and brush according to specifications and usage conditions of various fuel pumps.


Carbon flat commutator and carbon brushes are equipped in the motor for the fuel pumps. Initially, copper material was used as commutator segments. However, carbon material with excellent chemical resistance has been adopted in place of copper to prevent commutator corrosion when used in biofuel or low-quality gasoline.

Carbon flat commutators and brushes made of Toyo materials are used in fuel pumps for automobiles and motorcycles around the world due to excellent characteristics and strictly controlled quality.

We are developing materials for flat commutators and carbon brushes, and we can propose suitable materials selected according to the customer's request and conditions.


1. We will select and propose materials that meet the needs of our customers.

・High-performance materials that can solve customers' problems
・ Materials that can improve fuel pump performance (life, efficiency, noise, etc.)
・By molding carbon (for a flat commutator) by the *PTS (Press to size) method, it is possible to reduce the processing cost of commutator.
*Press molding method

2.Delivery record
We have a wide range of achievements in fuel pump manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

3. Evaluation system
・In-house evaluation is possible under the conditions of use according to the customer's request.
Evaluation tests such as durability (life) test, friction coefficient measurement, and contact voltage drop measurement are possible in various fuel liquids.

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