Glass-like carbon coated GLASTIX KOTE™

GLASTIX KOTE™ is a material impregnated or coated with glass-like carbon on a graphite or neighboring surface. It enables use of various Toyo Tanso graphite materials as a substrate, and it does not lose its substrate properties. Not only does this material offer enhanced durability against scratching and other friction, it also reduces the generation of dust.

GLASTIX KOTE™ Cross-section (Grade:GP2B)
GLASTIX KOTE™ Cross-section (Grade:GP2B)



  • Able to use various Toyo Tanso graphite materials as a substrate.
  • Does not lose graphite substrate properties.
  • Able to reduce the generation of graphite powder.
  • Enhanced durability against scratching and other friction.


  • Parts for silicon single crystal pulling devices
  • Parts for epitaxial growth
  • Dies for continuous casting
  • Glass sealing jigs

Properties/Test Data

General Physical Properties
General Physical Properties

* Example of physical properties when using ISEM-3 as a graphite substrate and applying GLASTIX KOTE™ GP series processing.
(Rate of change with measured value of ISEM-3 substrate as the standard) Test piece dimensions:
10x10x60 mm: Bulk density, hardness, electrical resistivity, flexural strength
10x10x10 mm: Compressive strength

Dust Reduction Effect

GLASTIX KOTE™ processing can greatly reduce the amount of carbon dust generated.

* This is the result of measuring the number of fine particles in the cleaning solution.

Scratch Strength Comparison

The durability against scratching with GLASTIX KOTE™ processing nearly doubled, and a similar improvement in wear resistance can be expected.

* Critical load indicates the vertical load when the surface begins to show damage.