C/C composite

C/C composite is a carbon-carbon composite material reinforced by high strength carbon fiber, which has superior properties such as light weight, high mechanical strength, and high elasticity. Because of their unique features, our C/C composites (CX series) are used in a wide range of fields such as electronics, environment and energy, general industrial furnaces, and automobiles and other means of transport.

C/C composite



For production of silicon monocrystals
  • Crucible
  • Inner Shield
    Inner Shield

General industrial furnaces

For heat treatment furnaces
  • Nuts and bolts
    Nuts and bolts
  • Protective cover for thermal insulation
    Protective cover for thermal insulation
  • Tray
  • Rods
  • Internal driving parts of furnaces
    Internal driving parts of furnaces
  • Heater
For hot press furnaces
  • Die spacer
    Die spacer

Environment and Energy

For production of silicon for solar cells
  • Rectangular crucibles
    Rectangular crucibles
For nuclear energy plants
  • Armor tiles
    Armor tiles

Automobiles, other means of transport, etc.

For sliding members
  • Clutch