Graphite Sheets (PERMA-FOIL®)

PERMA-FOIL® is a flexible graphite sheet made from specially processed natural graphite without use of a binder. Special processing developed by us gives it a flexibility and compression recovery not found with conventional graphite products. These qualities ensure a snug fit with contacting parts, therefore it is widely used as a seal, to note automotive gaskets and packing.

Graphite Sheets(PERMA-FOIL®)



PERMA-FOIL®has excellent electrical conductivity and can be used in electrochemical applications. It also has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, so it can be expected to be applied to devices used in all environments.

Industry example :Various electrochemical devices such as various batteries and capacitors
Usage example :Electrode material, Current collector


PERMA-FOIL® has high thermal conductivity in addition to flexibility. When used in heating process, the adhesion between the heat source and the material is improved, and heat can be evenly diffused to achieve efficient manufacturing.

Industry example : Semiconductor Device, LED, Ceramics, and Thermally Joining
Usage example : Heat & Pressure Equalizing in Joining Process, Braze-Jointing, Diffusion Bonding

Soaking Application (Video)

Pressure Equalizing

PERMA-FOIL® has excellent flexibility and compressibility. For this reason, when used in the pressure process., it can prevent uneaven contact and transmit pressure evenly.

Industry example : Semiconductor Device, LED, Ceramics, and Thermally Joining
Usage example : Heat & Pressure Equalizing in Joining Process, Braze-Jointing, Diffusion Bonding

Pressure Equalizing(Video)

Heat Transfer

PERMA-FOIL® has excellent compression and flexibility. Therefore, even if the material is uneven and has a low heat transfer effect, it is possible to improve the adhesion and increase the heat transfer effect by inserting PERMA-FOIL™.

Industry example : Semiconductor, Liquid Crystal Panel, LED Lighting, Electronic Parts, Solar Panel
Usage example : Cooling, Heat Conduction

Pressure Equalizing(Video)

Mold Release

As PERMA-FOIL® has both excellent self-lubricating and chemical resistance, it can be used as a mold release material. In addition, mold is protected since the finished product does not directly touch the mold.

Industry example : Quartz Glass, Ceramic, Synthetic Resin
Usage example : Mold Release, Prevents Cracking


In the Sillion single crystal pulling process, PERMA-FOIL® is used between the graphite crucible and the quartz crucible to prevent the graphite crucible from becoming SiC and to extend the life of the crucible.

Industry example : Furnace, Sillion Crystal Ingot
Usage example : Prevents Arcing and Leakage, Prevents Conversion of Graphite Crucible into SiC


PERMA-FOIL® can be used in any environment compared to other materials because it has high adhesiveness and sealing properties, but also has a wide usable temperature range and excellent chemical resistance.

Industry example : General Industry, Automobile, Industrial Furnace
Usage example : Packing, Gasket, Electrode Packing

Grade and Application

PERMA-FOIL® has excellent sealing properties, durability, and machinability. Our high purity products are used as components in the nuclear energy industry, as spacer and packing used in the semiconductor industry, as radiator plates used in the electronics industry, and as other such components. Grades are arranged for all kinds of applications including: automotive gaskets, general industrial packing, pasts for semiconductor equipment, corrosion resistant seals, and a wide range of other applications. We produce this product in a wide array of size and shapes including rolls, cut sheets and custom shapes made to customer specification.

GradeCharacteristicsApplicationForms of Supplies
PF PERMA-FOIL® Standard products Automotive gaskets
General Industrial packing
Roll products
Cut products
cut products
PF-R2 Heat resistance improved version of standard products
PF-HP Low ash content products
PF-G3 Corrosion resistance and Heat resistance improved version of R2 Products Heat resistant gasket
PF-UHP,UHPU,UHPL High purity products Parts for High purity furnace for semiconductor and nuclear applications
Heat conducting material
Heat spreader

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