Porous Carbon (CNovel™)

CNovel™has a special, high-mesoporous structure which is unlike that of typical carbon materials like activated carbon. It is a new carbon material which has been considered difficult to obtain as an industrial material.

Porous Carbon (CNovel®)


Electrochemical applications for EDLC


In electrical double layer capacitors (EDLC),CNovel® enables the design of electrodes with excellent characteristics both rate and low temperature due to its "interconnected structures".

Photograph of transmission electron microscope(TEM) of CNovel®

CNovel, loaded platinum, can be applied to the electrode catalyst for fuel cells.
By dispersing and loading platinum nanoparticles into the pores in an optimal condition, the electrode catalyst, MH-18-PT50, brings out high performance.


Electrocatalyst for fuel cells,Platinum-loaded CNovel™(MH18-PT50)

Photograph of transmission electron microscope(TEM) of CNovel™"MH18-PT50"

Video of Mesoporous carbon catalyst support CNovel®

The unique structure of carbon achieves high durability.

Catalytic activity performance in fuel cells
*1:Measurement results with Anode/Cathode = H2/O2, MEA Cathode
High power output achieved by high dispersion of platinum catalyst

Comparison of catalyst performance degradation
*2:DOE MEA durability evaluation conditions 0.65~0.95V, 30000cycle

Adsorption/desorption application: Flow filtration, Selective adsorption

CNovel® has quick adsorption performance compared to general activated carbon. Quick adsorption/concentration leads to shortening of process time and downsizing of processing equipment. Enable large molecules(e.g. protein, enzyme) separation and adsorption on designed mesopore size.

Comparison of adsorption performance

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Movie) Filtration test of red pigment

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