Porous Carbon (CNovel™)

CNovel™has a special, high-mesoporous structure which is unlike that of typical carbon materials like activated carbon. It is a new carbon material which has been considered difficult to obtain as an industrial material.

Porous Carbon (CNovel™)

Manufacturing Process

CNovel™, with its unique pore structure, is prepared by a different manufacturing process than the conventional activation process for porous carbon materials.

(1)The raw material is heated to produce an intermediate product consisting of carbon and metal oxide. Carbon is coated on the metal oxide, which will serve as the template, to make a composite material.
(2) The composite materials are washed by acid and dewatered. By acid cleaning, the template is dissolved and porous carbon is produced.
(3) Dry the CNovel™.
(4) After the quality inspection, the products is shipped.

Our proprietary technology allows us to design the size of the template, which allows us to control the pores of CNovel™.